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September 15th, 2015 by Larry Tencer Insurance Agency

Resumption of our monthly “Insurance Information Update”

Early last year we initiated a monthly email broadcast of insurance related information not typically available to most consumers or policyholders. After several monthly issues, I lost the person that was actually doing all the behind the scenes work needed to put out what I hoped would be received as an interesting and informative newsletter. The information provided was selected from different sources and covered... Read Article

WARNING The DRE Will Begin Broker/Office Surveys in 2013

An internal directive has been issued by the California Department of Real Estate (“DRE”) to start broker office surveys (“BOS”). The BOS will include an unannounced and unscheduled visit to brokers’ offices and include an audit of random files the DRE requests. It is anticipated that the DRE will ask to see records from different transactions or random transaction files upon the visit. Brokers need... Read Article

California Appellate Court Grants A Real Estate Broker’s License Despite Prior Criminal History

In Singh v. Davi, a California appellate court recently held that an applicant for a real estate broker’s license should not be denied a license based on prior criminal activity. Singh was born in India and became a naturalized American citizen in 1986. From 1997 until 2004, he was a police officer. He had also previously worked for the FBI in counter intelligence. Singh had... Read Article

You want me to insure my house for HOW MUCH??

The cost to re-build a home can often times be significantly more than it costs to build the same house when it was new.   Not only do materials fluctuate in cost due to availability but so will labor dependent on demand.  Look what we are seeing inNew Orleansbecause of the shortage of qualified contractors.  These can be just two rather obvious reasons it cost more... Read Article

Summary of New Statutes Affecting Real Estate Agent in 2013

Appraisers: Various procedural and administrative changes have been made to the Real Estate Appraisers Licensing and Certification Laws. Fictitious Name Statements:  Beginning January 1, 2014, a registrant filing a Fictitious Name Statement must present a form of identification to the County Clerk. Disability:  Effective January 1, 2013, attorneys cannot issue a pre-litigation demand for money to a building owner or tenant for violations of the... Read Article